Tommy Lee from Motley Crue

I met Tommy at a drag race in California, near L.A.  He was really nice and a cool dude.


Jim Nabors aka Gomer Pile

I met Jim at the Indy 500 a few days before the race.  He asked me to help him get somewhere so I did.  He also was kind enough to pose for this picture.  He was a nice guy. R.I.P.


John Walsh

Everybody knows John from America's Most Wanted.  Now he hosts a different show but they still catch criminals.  He's A-Okay in my book.


Patrick Dempsey from Grey's Anatomy

I met Patrick at a bar the night before the Indy 500 and we talked for a bit.  He's a charming guy.  Then I ran into him before the race, on the track and got this pic with him.


Lil' Gaga

She's a little person that impersonates Lady Gaga.  We saw her at a strip club in Houston.  We had a fun night.


Rupert from Survivor

I met Rupert from the show Survivor at eh Indy 500.


Junior Seau & Jim Harbaugh

They worked with the team I was with, Pennzoil.  This photo was taken at the Phoenix Intl. Raceway.  R.I.P. Junior Seau.


Linda Vaughn - Hooker Headers

Linda is a famous model from back in the day for Hooker Headers, a car part company.  We met several times over the years at the Indy 500.


Dwayne Sweeney

Dwayne was the Official Starter for the Indy 500 for many years.  It was a pleasure to meet him and talk about the old days.


Biz Stone - Twitter Co-Founder

I met Biz at a convention where he was a speaker.  Nice guy.


Bart Conner - Olympic Gold Medalist

Bart was a part of the Pennzoil team that I worked with.  I got to see him every year and at special events.  Class guy.


Bart Conner & Nadia Comeneci

Bart is married to Nadia, the first gymnast in Olympic history to score a perfect 10 for her performance in the Uneven Bars.  Still beautiful and in great shape.


Al Unser - 4 Time Indy 500 Winner

I met Al a few days before the Indy 500.  He gave me a ride around the famous track.


Todd Newton - TV Personality

Todd was speaking at a convention I attended in Vegas one year.  Todd is also a TV Host for Invicta Watches and I buy a lot of Invicta watches.


Linda Vaughn

Here I am with Linda again at the Indy 500.


Gene Simmons from KISS

Not as cool as Tommy Lee.

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