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I've worked with video and photos for over 20 years and I've traveled all over the U.S. and Europe capturing pictures and video of some great things, people and events that this great country has to offer.  I consider myself to be a New Age Renaissance Man, in that I'm a Jack of All Trades and an Adventurer and Traveler.  I also write screenplays, short stories and poetry.  I think you'll like some of my work on my blog.

I produced, hosted, shot and edited a television series of 26 episodes for three cable channels in Houston and Berkeley, CA.  

The series was a Travel and Events show covering everything from the Eiffel Tower in Paris to the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota.

In my younger days, I was a waterpark lifeguard, head guard and water safety supervisor.  Our lifeguarding competition team won 

10 straight State Championships and several Regional titles.  For a decade, we were undefeated in lifeguard competitions.  

I was on the team for 9 years before retiring.  Best days of my life.  That waterpark is where I got the name Spider.

In my 30's, I worked in motorsports for about a decade.  I attended auto races all over the country.  I've been to every major city in America many times.  The series' I worked in were NASCAR, IndyCar and the NHRA.  In NASCAR, I worked with Jeff Gordon's team.  I would give VIP tours of the garage area and pit road.  I had to know quite a lot about NASCAR, auto racing and strategy to be able to give a good, informative tour.  

During my time working in motorsports, I earned a NASCAR Championship ring with Jeff Gordon's team 

and an IndyCar Championship ring for my work with champion, Sam Hornish, jr.

I've been pretty lucky to have had two such jobs that were so exciting, cool and fun.  

I've been blessed many times and I appreciate it more and more each time.

Currently, I'm working on a documentary about religion called Project Heaven: The Afterlife?  

It should be very interesting to see what different religions have to say so we can compare and contrast.

I have 5 completed, feature length screenplays.  In a few months, I will begin calling agencies in Hollywood 

in an attempt to get an agent so maybe I could sell one or more of my scripts.  I like them all.

These days, I'm living in Houston, TX with my little Miniature Pinscher (MinPin) called CoCo.  She's the best pet I've ever had.  

That's about the long and short of it.  I hope you enjoy my sites and social media accounts.  Have a chill day.

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CoCo, the Wonder Dog.


I've driven SUV's for over 20 years and will never drive anything but.


I like to consider that I live in an exotic hunting lodge, even 

though I'm against big game hunting for sport.


This is usually where my friends sit when they visit my home office.


I use my fireplace as a backdrop for my YouTube videos sometimes.


This desk set up has cost me thousands of dollars, but it has been well worth it.  

I consider it an investment in my future.

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