Working for the Man

Yes, at some point we all find ourselves sucked into the Rat Race and working for the man.  Thank the Lord, I'm done with that.


Vegas, baby

I've spent a lot of time in Vegas, over the years, for different conventions or the NASCAR race.  The pic to the right is from one of those conventions.  You can see my pics of Vegas in my Photo Gallery.


I plan to continue traveling and documenting the cool things that go on around this place we call Earth.  I hope you enjoy your stay on my sites and I hope you check back for updates.  I post on my Blog most every day.


Michaels, Spider Michaels

That's my one tuxedo joke.


Canadian Friend

Karla's from North of the border.  I used to see her at conventions all the time, but that was a long time ago.


Happy Birthday to Me

I was in Vegas for my birthday one year and Karla helped me celebrate.  Why can't all birthdays be that much fun.


I worked with Kortnie in drag racing.  We traveled around the country from race to race.  This pic is from a bar in Hollywood, CA.


She is a tall drink of water.  I think she's modeling in California now.


Another Canadian Friend

I met a lot of beautiful women at conventions around the country, but mostly in Vegas.  Sin City, baby.


They're all wearing hats from my store.  Good picture.


NHRA Sport Compact Series Awards Banquet

Kortnie and I had a good time.  They even asked her to pose with each winner like a model.  It sure made their pictures better.

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