10 Time Texas State lifeguard Champions



Strong Team of Rescue Men

To read my Blog Post about my days as a lifeguard, click below.


Best Ever

Along with our 10 State Titles, we won several Regional Events also during our long run of success.


Pirate Mentality

A big part of our success was due to our Manager, Bob Logan.  He was so cool to us that we kept wanting to win to make him proud.  Basically, we took no prisoners .


Pat Lavin

Bob may have been a good motivator, but without Pat, we never would have been so good.  He's the one holding the trophy.  He made me his assistant coach and I loved working with the team every summer.  We were the true 'Boys of Summer'.


Number 5

If you couldn't tell by looking at the picture, this was championship number 5.


Ring Buoy Event

We practiced for this event until our fingers blistered and bled.


State Records

We broke the state record for ring buoy, then in another competition, we broke our own record.


Blue Ribbons

We never got tired of accepting blue ribbons for first place in all of the events.


Softball Champions

Our WaterWorld softball team went Undefeated for two straight seasons.



Every night at closing, we'd have a fireworks show.


The Best of Times

I'll never have friends as close as I was with my lifeguard dudes.  We still hang out today. If you want to read a funny Blog Post, click below.


AstroWorld FrightFest

During our off season from lifeguarding, we helped AstroWorld with their Halloween festival.  We had a blast.  I'm the bloody cop, if you couldn't tell.


Blood River

The first year AstroWorld asked us to help with FrightFest, they gave us the River Ride for our area to scare people.  The guy being yanked off the boat of guests is another lifeguard.  We had a 'plant' on every boat to get yanked off to scare the guests.  It worked.  Our line for the attraction was the longest in the entire park.  We were all wearing wet suits, drinking and scaring the living shit out of people... and got paid for it, lol.



We were the first Waterpark built in Houston.


The Lagoon

I started my career as a Lifeguard at the Lagoon.  Notice the AstroDome in the background.  This was way before NRG Stadium.


The Wave Pool

We hosted several Regional and State Competitions at our Park and there's no better feeling than winning at home.


Bob Logan and Spider

We were always messing with Bob.  We called him Boob Logan and pulled jokes on him.  I always seemed to get blamed though, lol.


I got crabs at WaterWorld.


To be thin and in shape, that was the life.  I'm thankful for all of my experiences and friends I made at WallyWorld, as we called it.  I'm sure I wouldn't be the same person without it.  I got my nickname at WallyWorld, so I surely wouldn't be called Spider today.

I raise my glass to all of the S.T.O.R.M. members and fellow Lifeguards that I worked with, cheers.

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